Trinidad School District #1
Mission, Vision, Values

Adopted May 25, 2016



Trinidad School District #1 will provide all students with a comprehensive system of support, a safe learning environment, and the opportunity to reach his/her academic and leadership potential as determined by state and national standards.


As Trinidad School District #1, we honor the rich history of our schools and our community. We are proud to be the first established school district in Colorado.  While being mindful of our local history, our students develop life skills relevant to their community as well as the world.  Our students enjoy and excel in the academics, arts, and extracurricular activities while recognizing their civic responsibilities.  Along with providing a well-rounded and diverse education, the district provides the support needed for each student to reach his or her highest academic, social and leadership potential.

We value the importance of using data from formative and state assessments to foster high levels of achievement.  Effective instructional strategies, methods, and tools are used to engage our students, allowing them to excel in their academic pursuits.  The rich education we offer allows our students the freedom to make educational discoveries and become leaders in the creation of cultures that support diversity and the freedoms espoused by our government.

Our students graduate with the skills to be successful in college, vocational education, the work force and life.  They excel in language, reading, writing, math, social studies, sciences, and the arts.  Our students respect diversity, appreciate the freedoms allowed by our democracy and possess a high sense of responsibility while holding themselves accountable for their own actions.  We as a school district and community hold ourselves accountable to the students we serve in assisting them in the pursuit of achieving this vision.



  • The District will ensure that all students learn at their highest potential in academics and leadership
  • The District will prepare all students for further education to enter the workforce and to be life-long learners.
  • The District will collaborate with families to support each student in his/her educational endeavors.
  • The District will model and teach all students the importance of respecting diversity and holding ourselves accountable for our individual actions.
  • The District will model high values, standards, and behaviors through effective instruction.
  • The District will instill frequent interim assessments and continuously improve instruction through curriculum aligned with state standards.
  • The District will recognize and honor quality performance and celebrate student success.
  • The District will communicate its Mission, Vision and Values to all students and the community.