Eckhart Elementary School

EckTopWelcome to Eckhart Elementary School!

Eckhart Elementary- The Gateway to ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, where the primary focus is promoting academic and social success for the whole child.

Eckhart Elementary is unique in that it only contains Kindergarten and First grade students. The instructional design is built on student interest and maximizes learning through a variety of activities.

IMAG0258We have seen great gains in our students’ reading performance since we began a two hour uninterrupted reading block. We are also teaching with the Everyday Math Program. Everyday Math provides an enhanced and balanced curriculum that is consistent throughout the grades and spirals from grade to grade. In addition, students are exposed to several academic blocks including Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.

IMAG0254Students at Eckhart Elementary receive 50 minutes of specials daily and rotate through the programs throughout the year. The specials classes include physical education, guidance, art, computers, and “Text Talk”, a library program that exposes children to challenging vocabulary and quality literature. During the year our students are also involved in a Hand Washing Program, Family Literacy Night Program, Dental Program, and Fire Safety Program.eckcoat