Activity and School Buses

Activity and School Buses

For transportation questions or changes to your child’s drop-off or pickup location, please contact your child’s school or the district administration office at (719) 846-3324.

All K-5th grade students eligible for transportation will be assigned a bus number and a bus stop during the registration process.  Transportation will not be provided for middle school and high school students with the exception of the following bus stops:  Village East, Starkville, Cokedale, Exit 13, Exit 18 and North Garcia.  Students should be at their designated bus stop five (5) minutes before the bus arrives.

In the interest of safety, all students should understand and parents are urged to impress upon

their children the necessity for strict compliance of bus rules.

Kindergarten students are to be picked up at the Bus Door by an Authorized Parent or Guardian. Video cameras are used on buses.

To view the relevant Board of Education policy regarding walk/rider distances, click here.

To view the official press release regarding this policy, click here.

To view the official map of the transportation radius, click here.


To view pickup and drop-off schedules by bus number, please click on the links below.

Bus #3 – Driver Gerard Villegas

Bus #8 – Driver Bert Santistevan

TSD1 Bus

Bus #13 – Driver Kevin Bond

Bus #15 – Driver John Wells

Bus #17 – Driver Rich Claflin

Bus #18 – Driver Ramon Zamora

Bus #21 – Driver Gary Garcia

Bus #22 – Driver Jim Brister