Trinidad Middle School


The Trinidad Middle School Mission Statement
“Engaged students will learn.
Educating our students is the responsibility of all stakeholders.
Empowered students are accountable.
Excellence requires 21st century skills.”

Welcome to Trinidad Middle School, an environment for students in grades sixth through eighth. We have some unique and outstanding programs. We are proudly staffed with teachers who average over 15 years of experience!

All students at Trinidad Middle School take “core classes” in reading, language arts, math, science, and social studies. Trinidad Middle School has a very structured environment. We are utilizing the middle school concept, allowing for common planning time for teachers and a team approach to curriculum development. tms1Teachers are consistently making strides in student achievement by making data driven decisions to guide instruction, providing differentiated instruction and progress monitoring to ensure that all students succeed.

Intervention classes are provided for students who need additional support. Wide varieties of elective classes are available, and these classes support our core instruction. After school programs as well as athletics provide additional opportunities for student growth outside the traditional class structure.

tms2Research has shown that a positive learning community, attention to individual student needs, and student-centered, active learning strategies will result in a higher level of student success. This is what we strive for at TMS.

Come visit Trinidad Middle School and see how we strive to “Engage, Educate, and Empower” our students.

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A special “Congratulations!” to Trinidad Middle School’s 2015/2016 staff and students, who were able to improve their rating from Priority Improvement to Performance in

8th a single year!  This is an amazing accomplishment that took the hard work of the whole school to achieve!  A big “WOOHOO” from the administration and staff on their performance on PARCC Testing!  WE ARE SO PROUD OF THEM!!!8th2